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High Quality Sci-Fi Graphics

By Invitation Only

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What can I find here?

Like the title says, high quality science fiction based graphics, every time, all the time. By graphics we include icons, wallpapers, banners, fanart, mood themes, and even soundtracks and quality screencaps.

This community defines science fiction as anything that substantially involves space travel, other planets/galaxies, travel to alternate/parallel/virtual/future realities, high tech and/or artificial intelligence, genetic alterations/enhancement, and of course funky aliens. What you won't find here is borderline sci-fi such as fantasy, BtVS, Lost, etc. See the interests below for examples of what may be found here.

How do I apply?

You don't. Membership is by invitation only, and not of the applying kind. If you consistently post high quality sci-fi graphics at any of the popular icon communities etc on lj, we will eventually find you! Having said that, LJ is a big big place so to make things quicker we've opened up a nominations post where you can nominate your favourite graphic makers (or yourself) for membership consideration.

Can I watch the community?

Yes, of course! Though membership itself is exclusive, everyone is free to monitor the community for updates. And if you decide to snag something, please remember to respect the poster and follow their individual rules (common requests include giving credit, not hotlinking, and leaving comments). Thanks! :)


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