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Nominations Post

Important mod post!

After a period of absence from livejournal, I am back in action! And I am looking for nominations for new members to join us at scifi_exclusive.

If you've gotten this far hopefully you went past the userinfo on your way in but if you haven't here's a little bit about what the community is about:

scifi_exclusive is an invite-only community for talented graphics makers, the science fiction graphics they make, and the fans of said graphics. There's no application process but we are looking for nominees! You can nominate others or yourself so long as said person makes some sort of graphic (even if it's just screencaps) for science fiction fandoms.

This community defines science fiction as anything that substantially involves space travel, other planets/galaxies, travel to alternate/parallel/virtual/future realities, high tech and/or artificial intelligence, genetic alterations/enhancement, and of course funky aliens. What you won't find here is borderline sci-fi such as fantasy, BtVS/AtS, Lost, etc.

~ ~ ~

If you'd like to nominate someone for membership at scifi_exclusive, we ask that you take a moment to answer a few simple questions:

1. Journal name. If this person has a separate icon journal or icon community then we'll need that name as well so that we can go look at all the pretties.

2. Tell us a little about the person. What sort of graphics do they (or you) make? Any particular fandoms or interests?

3. Why are you nominating this person for membership?

4. If you had to name one thing you love about your nominee's graphics, the one thing you think makes them standout or unique, what would it be?

The answers to these questions don't have to be complicated. We just want to know what you're thinking and why this person's impressed you so much. And we want nominees! Anyone can nominate.

~ ~ ~

Other than that, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to add them here and please, please participate. We don't want this to just be another place to drop off icons and the only way it won't be is if the members (and watchers) play along and make it the best community it can be.

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